Meet The Director


Antonett Brown

Hi, my name is Antonett Brown I am the Director and Founder of the Beyond Beauty Program.  This program was founded in   2014,  with the hopes of helping  young ladies overcome some issues with low self-esteem, confidence, along with health & wellness concerns.  Thinking back on my own childhood, and some of the issues and challenges i faced as a young lady. I  want to help make a difference in the way students look and feel about themselves. I held my very first after school program at Marion Sterling School in Cleveland Ohio. The School's primary focus at that time was to increase the attendance of the students, and help the young ladies deal with some self-esteem issues. I'm proud to say the program had a very positive impact. The amount of students in attendance   went up by 5%. The self confidence of the young ladies was noticed by school staff, parents and peers. I'm  also a Cosmetologist and the  owner of Hairapy Salon in

Cleveland Ohio. I've been a Hair stylist for over 25 years. I incorporate some of my knowledge and hair styling techniques within the program. Students get a chance to practice different hair styles on a human hair mannequin. This gives students the  self confidence, and the ability to create different styles on their own hair.  This i believe is one of the reasons that makes Beyond Beauty Program  unique and different from others. I teach the students that beauty starts from within. While creating a positive learning environment were students can learn and grow as a team. I look forward to helping  make a difference within your School or Organization!